Interview with Ray Yepes, CISO, State of Colorado
TechTables PodcastJanuary 10, 202300:46:5732.24 MB

Interview with Ray Yepes, CISO, State of Colorado

Featuring Ray Yepes, CISO, State of Colorado


Ray Yepes, CISO of Colorado, believes a centralized IT infrastructure model is most beneficial for security, economics, personnel resources, scalability, and disaster recovery. It provides better control, cost savings, and fewer people needed to manage the infrastructure, as well as increased scalability, better risk mitigation, and continuity of operations.


0:00 - Intro

1:06 - Centralized vs Decentralized Cybersecurity

4:29 - Adjusting from serving as CISO at the DPSS agency with Texas' shared services model to serving as State CISO in Colorado's Centralized model

6:05 - Cyber insurance

11:29 - Self-Insured Model in Colorado

13:54 - "No Government Will Be Left Behind"

15:03 - Partnership & Collaboration with the State

17:25 - What states are most similar to Colorado

20:10 - Cyber Threats

22:36 - Dark web & Threat Intelligence

29:01 - Hiring Cyber Talent

36:15 - Culture

39:45 - "Live with the heart"

45:40 - Outro

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