Interview with Morgan Wright, Chief Security Advisor at SentinelOne
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Interview with Morgan Wright, Chief Security Advisor at SentinelOne

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And before we jump into today’s episode, this podcast is sponsored by @Sentinelone-inc 

SentinelOne redefines cybersecurity by pushing the boundaries of autonomous technology —with its singularity XDR platform— SentinelOne is the leader in endpoint protection and beyond. Simply put they stop the bad guys. To learn more about SentinelOne, check out 



0:00 Intro

3:12 The Ultimate Meritocracy:

08:09 K9s4COPs

19:48 Controlled, Classified, Confidential

21:25 "One lesson I've learned after investigating crimes: you follow the facts. Too many people want to change the facts to fit their theory. You don't do that. You change your theory to fit the facts."

29:14 The Fifth Domain

36:03 Background

01:38:51 Part II: Cyberspace A History: The Coming Cyberspace Cold War with Russia

01:49:46 Cyberwarfare and the Strategy of "Low-Intensity Conflict"

01:59:29 Part III: Cybersecurity Threats Coming up in 2023

02:01:19 Deep Fake, AI, ChatGPT

2:22:00 Outro


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