Interview with Michael Gregg, CISO, State of North Dakota
TechTables PodcastMarch 14, 202300:36:4125.2 MB

Interview with Michael Gregg, CISO, State of North Dakota

In this episode of The Public Sector Show by TechTables we interview Michael Gregg, CISO, State of North Dakota where we talk about cybersecurity OKRs, workforce retirement and hiring strategies, and Michael’s latest books.

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00:00 Intro

03:52 How to have "Best in Class" vision & mission

05:33 Cybersecurity OKRs and strategies

16:03 Innovation mindset: hard-wired or learned?

20:08 "H3" leadership qualities

23:34 Removing requirements to open possibilities

30:13 Workforce retirement and recruiting

34:51 What book did Michael give out at Cyber Con?

36:22 Outro

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