Interview with Jon Rogers, Director, Strategic Workforce Planning, State of Indiana
TechTables PodcastJanuary 12, 202301:06:0945.43 MB

Interview with Jon Rogers, Director, Strategic Workforce Planning, State of Indiana

Featuring Jon Rogers, Director, Strategic Workforce Planning, State of Indiana


Jon Rogers is the Director of Strategic Workforce Planning for the State of Indiana. He has a background in teaching, congressional work, and the CIA, and he was inspired to pursue a career in the public sector by his grandfather, who was a fire chief for 39 years. He has coached JV softball and was an assistant head coach for a state championship swimming team. On today's episode, with Jon, we cover the SEAL Program, skill-based hiring, and more.

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0:00 - Intro

5:01 - Jon's Background

13:01 - SEAL Program (State Earn & Learn)

14:49 - Building a Workforce Pipeline for the Future

17:43 - On-the-job training - paid

20:43 - Diverse / Skill-based Hiring

23:45 - Behind Skills Education

30:43 - Lessons from rolling out the SEAL Program

35:01 - Competing for the hearts & minds

40:02 - A Place of Opportunity

41:36 - Removing HR Checklist Roadblocks

1:04:00 - Outro

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