Interview with Bratton Riley, CEO, Citibot [Austin City Limits Live Podcast Tour]
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Interview with Bratton Riley, CEO, Citibot [Austin City Limits Live Podcast Tour]

Featuring Bratton Riley, CEO of Citibot

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Bratton Riley, CEO of Citibot, discusses using #artificialintelligence and #machinelearning

technology to provide customer service and data management solutions for cities, governments, and corporate clients. In this episode, Riley talks about his journey from mayor's kid to working with mayors, how to join the innovation equation with technology government leaders, and how TensorIoT and Amazon Lex power Citibot's tech stack. He also provides 2-3 tips around citizen engagement.


0:00 Intro

1:19 What is Citibot?

3:08 The importance of building relationships of trust between residents and government

5:22 Customer Example: The City of New Orleans

8:09 Automating conversations between cities and citizens

11:55 Tips for helping governments get ahead of issues

14:22 Outro

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