Interview with Blake Hall, Founder & CEO,
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Interview with Blake Hall, Founder & CEO,

Featuring Blake Hall, Founder & CEO at

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Today's Public Sector Show by TechTables episode is a real treat- we're gonna be jamming with Blake Hall on his insights and lessons across his multi-generation military background, his own military experiences and how that shaped him, plus life on the civilian side heading up as we dive into Blake's entrepreneurial journey and his sage leadership, hiring and investment strategies applicable across both public and private sectors.


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00:00 Intro

02:00 Blake's background

04:31 3 Rules of Life

07:45 Out of Iraq

15:10 Digital wallets

18:09 Use-case benefits across both the Public and Private Sector

21:01 Consumer-centric digital identity

23:25 Building your teamwork culture

30:55 Raising the bar

33:29 The Start-up Mindset

35:54: How to move on from hiring mistakes

40:02 The importance of investing in people over $

45:35 4 questions every entrepreneur should be able to answer about their business

51:03 Outro


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