Innovating Through Curiosity with Renee Wynn, fmr. CIO, NASA
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Innovating Through Curiosity with Renee Wynn, fmr. CIO, NASA

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Today on The Public Sector Show by TechTables, we talk about lessons from NASA and EPA on curiosity, mentorship, cybersecurity, breaking barriers, and more with Renee Wynn, fmr. CIO, NASA.
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(00:00) Intro
(02:41) EPA and the Simpsons
(06:36) Entrepreneurial Financial Lessons
(13:48) Keeping a Childlike Curiosity
(19:48) Cybersecurity from Earth and Space
(27:15) Legacy IT: The Good & Bad
(31:26) The CIO Iterative Process
(36:19) How to Find & Maintain Team Cadence
(40:43) How to Pivot from Missed Opportunity
(50:41) Outro
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