Ep.156 At the Line: How CIOs Handle High-Pressure Situations
TechTables PodcastSeptember 26, 202300:30:2820.91 MB

Ep.156 At the Line: How CIOs Handle High-Pressure Situations

Show Notes

🔗 Connect with Bert: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bert-quarfordt/

On this episode of The Public Sector Show by TechTables, we sit down with Bert Quarfordt, Deputy CIO for IT Infrastructure at the City of Houston.

Bert shares his journey from a private-sector IT career to public service and discusses the challenges and pressures of managing infrastructure in the public sector. Drawing upon his love of sports, Bert dives into the importance of team dynamics, collaboration, and communication in resolving critical issues, including:

🎙️ Bert's 33-year career in IT

🎙️ How private and public sectors handle infrastructure outages

🎙️ How to develop a presentation mindset

🎙️ The value of practice, preparation, and consistency in long-term success

🎙️ How to manage emotions and team dynamics during critical projects

🎙️ Transforming city infrastructure: Houston’s game-changing projects

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