Ep.148 Cybersecurity Defenders Unite: The Do's and Don'ts of Protecting Real People in Real Time

Ep.148 Cybersecurity Defenders Unite: The Do's and Don'ts of Protecting Real People in Real Time

Show Notes

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🎙 About the episode

You have to start with a risk assessment and oh, we're not defending against ghosts, right? - Dr. Chris Mitchell

"We don't necessarily need all of this fancy machine learning stuff. It helps us respond to machine-based threats at machine-based time. But when you're not patching those Windows XP machines that still live on your network, when you're not teaching your users and your people about what the threats are that exist out there and how not to click on a phishing email and how to report these things to someone that can do something with them… All that fancy machine learning goes out the window, right? It just doesn't really help." - Ryan Murray

In this episode, we dive into themes such as leveraging technology to address skill shortages, effective collaboration, intelligence-driven cybersecurity, the importance of investing in cybersecurity, and more, including:

* Leveraging AI and ML to Address Cyber Skill Shortages

* Effective Collaboration for Strong Cybersecurity

* Cybersecurity Intelligence and Threat Analysis

* Human-Centric Approach to Cybersecurity

* Importance of Collaboration and Support between the Bigs and the Littles: From State to City to Community

* Diverse Paths to Enter the Cybersecurity Field: Fostering Creativity and Adaptive Thinking in Cybersecurity

* Addressing Misunderstandings and Imposter Syndrome in Cybersecurity

* and more!

🎙 Q&A Highlights

* 22:30 - Lisa Kent, CIO, City of Houston

* 23:25 - Summer Xiao, Deputy CIO, City of Houston

* 29:13 - Brady Haarmeyer, Nagarro

* 31:08 - Todd Lever, Qualtrics

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