Ep.145 A Tale of Two Cities: How Coral Gables and Ft. Lauderdale are Growing Stronger Together
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Ep.145 A Tale of Two Cities: How Coral Gables and Ft. Lauderdale are Growing Stronger Together

In this episode, Tamecka McKay and Raimundo Rodolfo discuss the game-changing benefits of collaboration in the public sector.

From sharing knowledge and information to prioritizing citizen needs, they emphasize the importance of putting people first, even in a rapidly advancing technological landscape.

But it's not just about working with your peers in the public sector. Tamecka and Raimundo highlight the value of collaborating with peers in other industries to learn from their experiences and drive innovation.

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* [00:00:00] Introduction

* [00:10:00] Importance of sharing information in the public sector

* [00:10:28] The criticality of focusing on people in the public sector

* [00:11:00] Importance of building and investing in relationships

* [00:12:00] Collaborating with peers

* [00:13:00] The human aspect of government work

* [00:14:00] Collaboration between government CIOs and outside industries

* [00:15:00] Leveraging podcasts to network with CIOs

* [00:15:34] Q&A Jamie Grant, CIO, State of Florida

* [00:18:25] Q&A Lacey Elmage, Inspire CIO

* [00:19:25] Q&A Jeremy Rodgers, CISO, State of Florida

* [00:24:00] Measuring team performance with scorecards

* [00:27:15] Conclusion


"Most of our challenges are relatable. How much more can we accomplish by leveraging the power of sharing information, knowledge, sharing, partnerships, relationships Again, starting with people." - Tamecka McKay, CIO, City of Fort Lauderdale

"Our most important capital is the human capital." - Raimundo Rodolfo, CIO, City of Coral Gables

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