Ep.144 Don't Fumble the Ball: Pro Secrets of Successful IT Teams
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Ep.144 Don't Fumble the Ball: Pro Secrets of Successful IT Teams

Shoutout to Lacey Elmange, Executive Director, SouthFloridaCIO at InspireCIO, for introducing us!

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🎙 About the episode

Just in time for the NFL season! On this episode of the Public Sector Show by TechTables, we get a sneak peek into Frank's ultimate playbook for building out winning IT teams. Frank leads us from his time helping restructure the IT department for the Miami Dolphins (if you can teach it, you understand it) to his present work at the City of Miami Beach as he coaches us through the importance of sharing the ball and fostering cross-functional teams for effective collaboration, including: 

* Family influence on team building

* Lessons from the Miami Dolphins

* Using cross-functionality to break internal barriers

* How to hand off the ball for the win

* IT successes at Miami Beach and more! 

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